We love watching plants grow. We also love happy customers and hearing stories about how well their plants are doing. There are a few tricks that can help your green friends grow that we find very helpful and we just have to share them with you!  

1. Light light light! 

All plants love light but not all plants love the same kind and amount of light. Before buying a plant do some research on what kind of light it needs and make sure your living space can provide that. Ensuring light condition as close to ideal as possible will help the plant to grow to its full potential. 

2. Water it just right!

Just like light, all plants need and love water but not all plants are created equally. Some plants need to be water weekly or even more often and some can go without watering for a up to a month. Overwatering is a number one killer of houseplants. Create a watering routine based on how much water each plant needs and stick to it. Adequate watering will keep your plants healthy and will boost their growth.  

3. Feed it!  

Plant food is one of the easiest ways to boost your plants' growth. There is plant specific and general purpose plant food. We recommend using organic plant food like Nature's Care.  

4. Fertilize it!  

Come spring, it's time to fertilize. Different plants have different needs when it comes to fertilizing. Some plants only need to be fertilized once while others require weekly fertilization during Spring and Summer.  

5. Prune it!

Don't be afraid to cut those droopy, half-yellow leaves. Losing leaves is a normal process for plants and by cutting the ones that don't look so good you are saving the plant's energy spent on dead foliage and helping to stimulate new growth. 

6. Refresh potting mix!

We recommend refreshing the potting mix once a year. The best time to do it is spring! Fresh potting mix is full of nutrients that will help your plant to kickstart the growth season. 

7. Re-pot it sometimes! 

Some plants require yearly repotting, some can go without it longer. If you are going to repot your plant make sure to use a planter that is 1-2" larger in diameter and fresh potting mix. Re-potting plants into larger planters will allow their roots to grow adequately and reach its full potential. 

8. Mist it! 

Misting increases humidity which most plants LOVE!  It also helps to get rid of dust on the leaves and prevent spider mites who happen to love dry air. However, some plants will not appreciate the extra water. For example, succulents and cacti do not benefit from misting.  

9. Move it, move it! 

Plants naturally grow towards the light. While outside plants get even distribution of light, indoor plants are often limited by their placement. By rotating plants, we can simulate growth by mimicking the sun.  This way the entire plant gets enough light and not just the part of the plant that is closer to the light source. 

10. Love it!  

This is not scientifically proven but it definitely works for us and some of our customers. Love your plants! Have fun taking care of them. They are alive and they will truly appreciate it. 



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