One question we get asked frequently in our shop is “do you have any plants that will do well in a low or no natural light space?”  Given our shop is located in New York City, this question comes as no surprise. A lot of apartments in New York are small and do not have much light. While all plants require some light and usually at least 8-9 hours of it (just like they would get in the wild), there are some plants that do better than others in low light.


The snake plant is one of the best low light plants out there. This plant will not only survive in low light, it will actually thrive. The snake plant is well suited for the darkest corner of your home. Bonus point - snake plant doesn’t need much water either.

Water & Light Plant Shop Snake

The ZZ Plant is another awesome low light and low water plant.  This plant is especially striking with its growth pattern - from the top it almost looks like a fractal, each new leaf a bit smaller than the one below it.

Water & Light Plant Shop ZZ Plant

Pothos, also known as devil’s ivy, is a great easy care hanging plant that also happens to be a great low light plant.  Pothos can grow several feet in a year and quickly fill up that plain white corner in your dark space.

Water & Light Plant Shop Pothos

Staghorn Fern has a lot of character which makes it a great addition to any plant collection. It loves humidity and shade, and can be mounted on the wall to look like a natural, green antler piece.

Water & Light Plant Shop Staghorn Fern

Heartleaf Philodendron is a gorgeous hanging plant that is a fast grower and requires medium to low light.  As with all philos, this plant shoots off huge arms of new growth seemingly overnight and tolerates the neglect of a busy plant parent.

Water & Light Plant Shop Heartleaf Philodendron

If you are looking to add more colors and patterns to your low light space, calatheas are your go-to plants.  They come in a few beautiful varieties including pinstripe, peacock and rattlesnake. Native to the tropical Americas, these plants thrive in shady spots.   

Water & Light Plant Shop Calathea Peacock

Aglaonema is a low light, low maintenance plant that is also just happens to be a very good air-purifying plant. This plant comes in a variety of shades but the most striking is the firecracker.

Water & Light Plant Shop Aglaonema Firecracker

Instagram sensation Monstera Deliciosa is another great low light plant with a lot of character to up your plant game. This beauty is better in larger spaces as it quickly sends off 1-2 foot shoots in a very short time.

Water & Light Plant Shop Monstera

While most palms love the sun, there are a few that will do fine in low light, including Dracaena Janet Craig and Dracaena Colorama.  These plants get grow several feet tall indoors and fill an otherwise empty space with bright pops of color.

Water & Light Plant Shop Dracaena Colorama


Greenifying a low-light space is much easier than you think!


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