Hello plant lovers!

As we are moving into colder months (the temperature changes here in New York have been pretty drastic), our green friends will need some adjustments to their care routine. Here are some easy tips on how to keep your plants happy during the fall and winter months.


As the days are getting shorter, your green friends will be getting less and less sunlight so in order to keep them happy, consider moving them closer to the window where they get the most light for a longer period of time. Remember to dust off the leaves frequently  so the plants can absorb the maximum amount of available light. If your apartment doesn’t get much natural light to begin with, consider getting artificial lights for the winter. *One caveat is that you should avoid putting plants too close to a drafty or cold window.  A foot or more should suffice if you have newer, multiple-paned windows, but if you have old, drafty, single-pane windows, plan on keeping your plant a few feet or more from the window.


During the cold months watering should be reduced as the soil will take a longer time to dry. Most houseplants need the soil to dry out between waterings so keep that in mind when adjusting your watering schedule. Make sure that at least top 2 inches of the soil are dry before watering your plant. For the plants that you were watering every week in the summer, plan on watering them every 10 days to 2 weeks.  For succulents that you watered every 2 weeks in the summer, plan on watering them once a month in the winter.


Most houseplants prefer temperatures between 65-75 degrees so try to adjust your  thermostats accordingly and try to keep the temperature in your home consistent. Temperature below 50 degrees can be harmful to most houseplants as most of them are of a tropical origin. Avoid placing the plants near cold drafts or heat sources and keep them clear of windows.

Additional Tips

Do not re-pot or fertilize your plants in the winter. Save those activities for the growing season (Spring-Summer).

We hope these tips will help you to  keep your green friends alive and happy this winter!


Roy & Milana




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