My first interaction with an air plant occurred a couple of years ago when on a sunny morning I came to my old job and found a strange grey/green colored thing on my desk. I worked for a fashion company so this didn’t seem very fitting. Probably seeing the confusion on my face, my coworker shouted from across the room, "I got everyone an air plant!"

"COOL!" I thought. After a brief Google search I decided that air plants were indeed cool.

When we first opened our Water & Light Shop, a lot of people started asking for air plants and as you know us, we had to find some and learn about them.

So here are some reasons why air plants are great and why you should get one (or several):

  1. Air plants do not need soil (no soil, no mess)
  2. Air plants are easy to take care of (mist a couple of times a week or soak for 20-30 minutes every 7-10 days)
  3. Air plants are super easy to transport and gift
  4. Air plants will do fine in medium light (i.e. office plants!)
  5. Air plants grow on trees (see image below)
  6. Air plants come in many sizes, shapes and colors so chances are you’ll find one that speaks to you
  7. For the same reason above, they are great to decorate with
  8. Air plants don’t need pots but if you want a vessel for it, there are now so many beautiful options like these awesome air plant hangers by Sanctum Handmade, for example
  9. Air plants make for the perfect little greenification of your office desk.
  10. Air plants look cool and a little weird.


Water & Light Plant Shop Air Plant



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