The holidays are over, the days are still short, the winter blues are starting to creep in, and if you live in a place where the temperatures drop way below what feels comfortable, you probably find yourself spending more time at home. The good news is there are a lot of things that can help you beat the winter blues and one of them is PLANTS!

Here are some ways you can improve your winter life with plants:

  1. You can bring the spirit of good weather home by adding plants to your decor and watching them grow.
  2. In the winter months when you naturally spend more time at home, taking care of your plants just might be the hobby you need to boost your mood. In fact, plant care is rather therapeutic and can help fight loneliness and depression.  
  3. Plants clean the air and you are more likely to sleep better when the air in your bedroom is clean. We all know that better sleep equals better mood.   
  4. Looking at colors makes you feel happier and with plants you can not only add green to your decor but some other colors as well. Some of the colorful plants that we recommend are begonias, variegated rubber plants, crotons, calatheas, bromeliads, and wandering jew plants.
  5. Houseplants improve general well-being by reducing stress and pain, and decreasing  incidents of dry skin, cough, and sore throat.
  6. Plants serve as natural humidifiers which becomes especially beneficial during cold months when the heat is on and the air is dry.  

With houseplants you can create your little green sanctuary that can help you fight the winter blues and improve your well-being year around.


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