Dear Plant Lovers!

          Fall is here and what better time to announce some big things going on at Water & Light HQ!  First and foremost, may we start off by saying THANK YOU to all of our new friends that we've uncovered by literally walking into your homes, stores, offices, and inboxes unannounced with flyers of ourselves posing with plants, YAY!  No seriously though, as we expand our business beyond the 102 year old walls of our tiny plant shop, we've been sort of awkwardly finding our footing in the sales world and stepping on a few toes in the process.  So we thank you for all your free scoops of ice cream, coffee samples, designer soap hand washings, and of course, your patience as you listen to us pitch our products and services.  Onto the fun stuff...
            Saturday, October 13th (tomorrow): come celebrate the launch of Botany Box with us at Uppercase in TriBeCa (140 W Broadway), from 3-6p!  Drinks, snacks, and discounted 4-packs of succulents abound!  We've teamed up with our good friends over at Botany Box to bring you plants via the internets like never before... and good news - these babies arrive in your mailbox in better shape than we sent them as they've been traveling for 2 days waiting for you to open them to give you a big kiss!


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