Join us for an afternoon workshop by Terra + Twine Sunday, August 5th at 3pm in our space.  Register here.

This will be an entry level macramé workshop, no past experience needed. We will be making plant hangers in this class - however, if you’ve had your heart set on crafting a wall hanging feel free to let us know at the start of class!

In this class you will learn the basics behind the functions for macramé, get an idea of what it takes to plan or design your own piece, and learn the fundamental knows needed for the craft.

The stands, wooden dowels, and cord will be provided for this entry level workshop.

About the Artist: Melissa Taylor is a New York based artist and plant enthusiast with an intense passion for creating and an insatiable love for sharing her knowledge.  Follow her on Instagram here and check out her site here.

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    I love the beautiful and detailed of your blog, you really see the love that you put .. continue the successes

    Club del Macramé

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