Every year plant growers, plant buyers, and plant lovers gather in sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL to see the latest and the greatest in tropical foliage. The Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) is a trade event showcasing the latest trends in foliage, floral and tropicals. This year was our first time attending TPIE and we are very happy we got to experience it.

The majority of the growers we met at the show were from Florida and while a lot of them had many of the popular houseplants that we carry in our shop, there were quite few unique plants that we spotted.

One of the first plants that caught our attention as we started making our way down the TPIE’s isles was ficus altissima (pictures below). And then it got even better. 

Here are our top picks of TPIE 2019: 

Ficus Altissima 

Dwarf Banana Leaf

Shark Fin Sansevieria 

Begonia Maculata

Alocasia Stingray

Alocasia Tigrina Superba 

Aglaonema Red Emerald 

Homalomena 'Selby'

Be on the lookout for these on our site in the coming months!


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