Dear Plant Lovers,

            It’s already Wednesday and we’re gearing up for another weekend at the shop.  Last weekend was a whirlwind with the store opening and launch party on Saturday night.  The turnout was great – we had a packed house and people were buying plants faster than we could ring them up!  We can’t believe that our vision for the shop is already a reality.  We spent the last two months planning it - collecting the right plants, working on the shop, getting all the legal stuff in order – and now we get to open the doors and let the plants do the talking.  If you haven’t stopped by yet, come check us out!  You can see a few photos below taken by one of our customers.

            This week has been full of little tasks in order to prepare for next weekend.  We’ve been painting walls (we had a couple dogs in the shop scratching the walls and licking things), replenishing our stock, carrying heavy pots around New York City, reaching out to press, and generally trying to wear too many hats at once.  The good news is that we’ve found some really amazing plants for this weekend, namely a couple 4-foot tall cacti, one with a single stalk and another with three stalks.  We secretly hope no one buys them for a few weeks so that we can hang out with them and enjoy having them a while;).  We also got a few new 5-foot tall birds of paradise.  The last two we had sold like hotcakes so we’ve already said our goodbyes to these new ones.

            On top of the day to day stuff, we’re busy working on a couple bigger things too.  We’ve just gotten our initial designs back from our designer in the UK – pretty soon you’ll be seeing an updated logo and some great designs for merchandise and collateral, and if you’re in the neighborhood you’ll soon see a great new sign outside the shop.  We’re also working on launching our ecommerce site and getting fulfillment in place, so within a few months you should be able to order your jade tree straight to your doorstep in a beautiful Water & Light box.  Stay tuned for more and we hope to see you this weekend! 


💚Roy & Milana

The Plant People™


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