This week we talked to Miriam Schmid (@meeschmid_plantlady) from Lucerne, Switzerland about her plant collection and keeping it happy during long and dark Swiss winter months.  

Water & Light (W&L): How did you get into plants?

Miriam (M): When I’ve moved to our house in the country side. For the first time in my life I had a garden and a house with a lot of windows. I started gardening and soon I brought the outside indoors.

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W&L: Do you remember when you got your first plant and what plant was it?

M: 1.5 years ago I bought my first Monstera.

W&L: Where do you get most of your plants?

M: From a wholesaler here in Lucerne. 

W&L: What are your favorite plant shops to visit?

The wholesaler Beck AG in Lucerne, Switzerland.

W&L: How many plants do you have in your collection?

M: I stopped counting after 250 ☺. 

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W&L: What are the rarest plants that you have in your collection?

M: Monstera variegata

W&L: What are some of your favorite plants?

M: Monstera deliciosa, Sansevierias, Calatheas and Euphorbias

W&L: What do you like the most about being a plant person?

M: Being surrounded by plants 24/7, taking care of them and propagating them, watching them grow and to have a passion that calms me down.

W&L: What are some of the challenges that you have with plants?

M: The light in the winter. The winters here in Switzerland are very long and dark. In some months we don’t have much sun. I help my plants with some grow lights.

Water & Light Plant Shop The Plant PeopleⓇ Blog

W&L: What would you say is your plant specialty?

M: Propagation and repotting.

W&L: What are your top 3 plant care tips?


1. Find the right spot for every plant.

2. Let the soil to dry out between waterings.

3. Dust the leaves off once a week.

Checkout Miriam's Instagram for beautiful photos and very useful plant tips. 

She also designs and sells awesome merchandise, you can buy it on her Threadless Shop.


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