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Our large fiberglass greenery subscription includes twenty-four plants potted in white fiberglass pots, delivered and setup in your space in the optimal positions for best plant growth and vitality.  This is the ideal package for large offices, homes, or storefronts over 2500 square feet.  The package includes the following products and services:

  • Twenty-four healthy plants (six large, nine medium, and nine small)
  • Twenty-four matching white fiberglass pots
  • One-time delivery, setup, and removal (a $450 value)
  • Weekly onsite maintenance (a $720 value)
  • Replacement of any plant that becomes unhealthy.
The following plants are included in the subscription:
  • Two 6' tall Fiddle Leaf Fig trees in 16" pots
  • A 6' tall Bird of Paradise in a 16" pot
  • A 6' tall Majesty Palm in a 13" pot
  • A 5' tall Yucca Palm in a 13" pot
  • A 5' tall Dracaena Palm in a 13" pot
  • Two Rubber Plants in 13" pots
  • Two Snake Plants in 13" pots
  • Two Chinese Evergreens in 13" pots
  • A ZZ Plant in a 13" pot
  • A Peace Lily in a 13" pot
  • A Bird of Paradise in a 13" pot
  • A Marble Pothos in a 8" pot
  • A Neon Pothos in a 8" pot
  • A Jade Pothos in a 8" pot
  • Two ZZ Plants in 8" pots
  • Two Philodendron Cordatum in 8" pots
  • A Japanese Bird's Nest Fern in a 8" pot
  • A Calathea in a 8" pot

This is a three-month subscription; billing will occur on the purchase date each month for three consecutive months.  At the end of the subscription, customers will have the option to let their subscription lapse (no further payments and removal will be arranged), renew the subscription (3- or 6-month options), or buy out the remainder of the package for $1,296 (a 62% discount off the retail price of the greenery and pots).