Water & Light Plant Shop founders Roy Paar and Milana Naumenko

Water & Light started life in April 2018 as an Instagram account for plant care requirements and quickly materialized into a brick and mortar plant store, an e-commerce shop, a dropshipping operation, and an onsite plant care service.  Founded by partners Roy Paar and Milana Naumenko, the couple sought to combine the skills they acquired after a decade in supply chain and technology careers with their shared interest in collecting and caring for plants.

"What defines our work is our love for each other.  When we have fun, it shows in our work and the health of our plants.  We scour the country looking for the most talented growers to fill our plant shop and ship to you.  We make sure that the plant you buy is one you can enjoy for years to come, one that we would be proud to have on the shelves of our own home."

Water & Light's priority is ensuring that the plants you buy make it to you in the best condition possible, as fast as possible.  We go to great lengths to find beautiful plants and pack them appropriately, ship them in the right weather conditions, and help you keep them looking their best after they arrive.  We hope you enjoy our growing variety of plants and accessories and trust us with your green friends!