Water & Light dropships live potted plants from our standard wholesale price list directly to your customers. Our standard price list integrates seamlessly into your Shopify store with the click of a button, or we can just as easily provide our assets to your digital team to integrate manually into your site.  We work with large and small retailers who want to offer live plants to their customers but do not have the in-house expertise or storage facility to maintain live plants. Contact us today for our standard wholesale price list, the details of our program, and be up and running with plants on your site within 5 minutes.

We also work with merchants to design and source custom assortments to sell to your customers (currently US only), then manage procurement and fulfillment from our facilities in New York and Florida. Custom assortments require a one-time setup fee and minimum purchase of custom planter inventory from manufacturers to be held at our facilities for your orders exclusively. Contact us today to set up an intro call to discuss your needs.


By dropshipping live plants as opposed to building up the in-house capability to ship live plants, you will:

  • Save time making relationships with the various growers required to offer a full spectrum of live foliage
  • Save time gaining necessary permits and certificates in order to ship live plants and dirt between different states, which requires inspections and fees by your state's department of agriculture and may take up to 2 months
  • Save time consolidating grower availability which changes monthly. We have done the work of consolidating this information and use industry averages to set prices that do not fluctuate
  • Gain the ability to ship a single plant to a customer, which large growers/wholesalers will not do for retailers
  • Save time required to learn how to manage plant inventory and keeping live foliage in a condition to sell
  • Save warehouse space by stocking at our facilities
  • Save on shipping costs by never taking possession of the plants
  • Evolve as you grow by starting with our standard price list, then moving to a custom assortment
  • Save time required to learn how to pack and ship plants so that they arrive safely to your customer in excellent condition
  • Save time monitoring weather conditions in order to ship plants in each week's golden window
  • Save time, space, and money stocking plant-specific packaging materials. All packaging costs are included in our wholesale price
  • Reduce your financial risk due to inventory loss; with our standard price list you only pay for what you sell

The benefits of dropshipping versus stocking your own inventory are endless when it comes to live plants. Contact us today for access to our standard price list and program details.


Water & Light teamed up with premier gift curator and subscription box creator Bespoke Post to design a collection of 3 SKUs to ship directly to its massive subscriber base this fall.



Water & Light collaborated with premier online retailer One Kings Lane to design an assortment of 24 SKUs to add to their spring 2019 collection. Orders ship directly to consumers and Water & Light works directly with growers to manage inventory.



Water & Light collaborated with leading online gift retailer UncommonGoods to design an assortment of 3 SKUs to dropship directly to UCG customers. Water & Light manages all procurement and fulfillment.