Water & Light Plant Shop Onsite Plant Care

We offer in-home / in-office plant maintenance within the greater NYC area to care for your plant collection.  This is the ideal solution for businesses that want to enjoy the benefits of plants in their establishments but do not have the time, resources, or in-house knowledge to care for them.  Likewise, traveling professionals and those who are new to plant collecting may also find this service beneficial.  Please send us an email or use the contact methods listed below for inquiring about pricing and plans.  Most home or office maintenance plans are weekly due to watering requirements of the plants.  Pricing depends on the type and number of plants.

In addition to our plant maintenance service, we're happy to help you care for any of your green friends in our shop by repotting them into our standard terra cotta containers with fresh dirt for a small fee.  We carry regular potting soil and a succulent/cactus mix, both of which we mix ourselves at our shop with the best ingredients.  Just bring your plant to our showroom in Ridgewood and we'll freshen it up while you wait.