Water & Light Plant Shop Roy + Milana

Water & Light started life in April 2018 as an idea over a glass of wine and became an Instagram account for plant care requirements.  Each post featured a beautiful shot of a popular plant and the water and lighting needs of that plant.  As a couple, we wanted to improve our skills with plants and develop our shared interest in houseplants, so the account became a way for us to facilitate these new discoveries.  Fast forward two months, and we opened the doors to our flagship retail store on June 1st on the ground floor of the historic Ridgewood Theater building in our home neighborhood.

Since then, our brand has quickly become a staple in the NYC plant ecosystem.  We've collaborated with names like Uppercase, HuxHux Design, Storefront, and Appear Here, and our clients include NY Magazine's The Strategist, Everlane, Nest Seekers & Austin Nichols House, Jetblack, Catbird, Feather, Ladies Get Paid, Ilana Kohn, The Great Eros and many more brands that represent our ethos of passion and delight.

What defines our work is our love for each other.  Each installation, every agreement, and every new client relationship is built around the trust, teamwork, security, and reliability that we have in our own relationship and our business.  When we have fun, it shows in our work and the health of our plants.  People often comment on the beauty of our growing plant collection, and we believe it is due in large part to the care that we give them.  We spend hours together in our shop pruning, checking for pests, propagating, checking moisture, and making sure that the plant you buy is one you can enjoy for years to come, one that we would be proud to have on the shelves of our own home.

We hope you enjoy our selection and check back often as it is always changing and improving.  We love working together and have fun finding new growers to bring you the best selection at competitive prices to give you the best value for your hard work. We hope you find our customer service top notch and of course please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any feedback. We can't wait to meet you!