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The bromeliad (bromeliaceae aechmea) is a flowering cousin to the pineapple and air plants, native to Mexico, Central, and South America. Known for its ability to survive without dirt either in trees or near water, this epiphyte will impress with its bright foliage and stark patterns.

Our bromeliads are grown in sunny Southern Florida by a nursery specializing in bromeliads and tillandsia of all types and sizes. Staghorn ferns, tree-grown bromeliads, air plants, and Spanish moss are all on display at this specialty grower that has been in the business since the houseplant boom decades ago.

  • 6" nursery pot
  • Safe for pets
  • Water thoroughly each week and allow the water to run through the drainage hole in the pot. It is normal for water to accumulate in the plant's center. You can read some fundamental rules of watering here.
  • Check leaves and stalks for pests while watering. 
  • If pests are found, remove with damp paper towel and use a mild organic pesticide in a spray bottle to coat the affected areas.More information on common pest problems can be found here.
  • Medium to high indirect light, avoid windows as they amplify the sun's intensity and create heat that may damage plant. You can find our plant placement guidelines here

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