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Water & Light Plant Shop's Madagascar Palm Plant. Enough spikes for your friend's naughty holiday party. Ships free.

Madagascar palm (Pachypodium lamerei) is a member of the succulent/cacti family and is sure to impress with its unique stalk and top foliage. Often found over 2 stories tall in the desert, these plants look as if they should be on the moon.

Our 16-24" tall Madagascar palm is grown by a local Southern Florida nursery that has specialized in cacti, succulents, and dracaenas since 1980. With 13 acres of climate-controlled greenhouses, the team prides itself on quality product and satisfied customers, which is exactly why we want to bring their product to you. As with all our suppliers, you can be sure that the plant you're getting is best in class and will last with proper care. With patented new plants, you can tell that this nursery knows what they're doing when it comes to growing plants.

Ideally you want to to keep this plant in direct sunlight (the more the merrier) and keep the hydration on the low side, especially in the winter. During hot summer months watering the Madagascar palm every 7-10 days is ideal, however in the winter you will need to reduce watering to every 2 weeks. Only water the plant when the soil is dry, and water thoroughly. The first sign of over-watering is falling leaves. 
Make sure to use well draining soil (succulent mix or 50/50 dirt/perlite mix) and a planter with drainage holes to ensure adequate drainage. If the plant receives enough sunlight and proper care, it can grow up to 12” per year and bloom every summer. In the winter Madagascar palm goes dormant so don’t be alarmed if your plant drops most of its leaves - it will bounce back in the spring. 

We recommend fertilizing this plant in the spring and then again in the late summer. Madagascar palm might look a little intimidating but it’s not all that difficult of a plant. Find the sunniest spot in your home and enjoy.

  • 10" nursery pot with drainage holes. Recommend transplanting within 1 year into a vessel 1-2 inches larger using cactus/succulent mix.
  • Check for pests every 1-2 weeks. If pests are found, remove with damp paper towel and use a mild organic pesticide in a spray bottle to coat the affected areas. More information on common pest problems can be found here.
  • Toxic to pets, contact veterinarian immediately if ingested.
  • Water thoroughly once every 1-2 weeks and allow excess water to run out the drainage holes in the nursery pot or whichever vessel you transplant into. If your pot has no drainage holes, we recommend adding clay drainage balls to the bottom of the pot, however avoid overwatering. You can read some fundamental rules of watering here
  • High indirect or direct light, avoid windows as they amplify the sun's intensity and create heat that may damage plant. You can find our plant placement guidelines here. 

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