Organic Plant Food

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Show your green baby some love and stimulate new growth with our organic plant food mix, priced to suit any budget.  Free shipping on all orders.

Our mix is produced in the U.S. by an industry-leading family business and contains an all-natural blend of ingredients formulated to boost foliage production, strengthen roots, and provide your plant with essential nutrients and minerals. Created by horticultural experts, our mix is suitable for all types of plants in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Ingredients: organic amino acid, seaweed, soluble sulfate of potash, rock phosphate powder, and organic binder.

Package contains:

  • 2 ounces of powder (mix with water, makes 4 gallons of solution)
  • Biodegradable bamboo fiber scoop to add mix to water
  • Biodegradable inner pouch to enclose powder
  • Biodegradable and beautifully designed reusable outer tube packaging
  • Biodegradable bubble mailer

All materials are 100% organic and biodegradable.  Please compost, reuse, or recycle after use.

  • Fill a large watering can with one gallon of water.  For best results, allow water to sit overnight so that chlorine evaporates.
  • Using scoop included, mix one scoop of plant food into watering can.
  • One gallon of mixture should water 5-10 plants thoroughly.  Allow water to drain from plants into saucer.
  • Apply mixture every 2-4 weeks depending on watering requirements of plants. Safe for year-round use.

Do not ingest.

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